Essential Oils for Love and Compassion
SEP 08, 2021

When energy pathways of the body are open and aligned, energy is constantly free-flowing. This keeps you healthy, happy, and vibrant. 

Keep reading if you feel a need to connect more to your fourth chakra. This chakra influences the heart and brings love and compassion into your life. We all feel pain and hurt throughout our life. But we don't have to hold on to it forever. By opening up the heart you can let go of negative energy and bring high vibration energy back into your life. 

The fourth chakra is located in the center of your chest, just above the heart. It emotionally connects you to love, joy, and inner peace. This energy impacts your circulatory system, immune system, and respiratory system. 

The best oil for your heart center is Charity. Charity blend is specifically formulated to have a powerful balancing effect on the fourth chakra. It restores your body's energy pathways and emotions. It diminishes feelings of anger, distrust, grief, and abandonment.