Give the gift of aromatherapy this year!

Aromatherapy offers a unique opportunity to stimulate the brain with a new aroma or previously pleasant aroma, allowing the mind to develop new positive emotions. 

Different oils deliver different benefits, so take a look at the list below and pick the right Diffuse oil for your loved ones. 


Christmas Morning

Drift back into your precious childhood memories, and take a walk down memory lane. This fruity, spicy, festive scent is a joyful combination that is as traditional as they come. The intoxicating fragrance of cinnamon clove-studded oranges mixed with fresh cut pine instantly brightens up any room, and it does wonder to freshen up a cold, stuffy space.

TOP NOTES: Sweet, Fresh Pine

MIDDLE NOTES: Cinnamon, Rich Spice



Citrus Bloom 

Let your mind wander away onto a tropical paradise where the scent of fresh, blooming citrus is carried to you through a soft sweet breeze, and enjoy the feeling of escaping onto the peaceful white shores of your favorite sultry island getaway. Our Citrus Bloom blending of 100% natural essential oils will be sure to give you a mental vacation any time of the day. 

TOP NOTES: Zesty, Sweet Citrus Peel

MIDDLE NOTES: Bright, Tart Citrus Pulp



Clean Linen

Get wrapped up in the nostalgic memory of those lovely weekend mornings where you can sleep in and lay wrapped up in soft clean linens. Our Clean Linen Diffuse oil is reminiscent of fresh, clean clementine mixed with the intoxicating seductive aroma of freshly picked jasmine flowers, with a hint of relaxing lavender. So, go ahead, take a mental break, and wrap your mind in those comforting, fresh, clean sheets you're dying to cuddle up to and let the day be whatever it will be

TOP NOTES: Clean, Ozone Floral

MIDDLE NOTES: Fresh, Clean Jasmine with a hint of Lavender

BOTTOM NOTES: Sugary Sweet 


First Kiss

Recall the feelings and the tender moment right after the initial rush of your first crush's lips about to touch yours, which started as an adrenaline rush quickly replaced by a sense of warmth, love, and endearment. First Kiss Diffuse blend encompasses this sensation with a soothing and comforting blast of Lavender perfectly matched with the sweet, fresh woody, and subtle floral aroma of Ho Wood and finished with an intoxicating hint of sweet vanilla. One thing is for sure; you will never forget the experience of the first time you encounter First Kiss. 

TOP NOTES: Delicate, Woody Floral

MIDDLE NOTES: Subtle, Inviting Lavender

BOTTOM NOTES: Splash of Vanilla


Fresh Mint

Some days require a refreshing and invigorating pick me up, and no aroma does that better than the reassuring smell of fresh cut mint. Our wonderful Fresh Mint blend is packed with the earthy minty notes of fresh spring peppermint, expertly blended with a wintergreen creamy sweet mint, and topped off with a lovely sugary vanilla touch, faintly bringing to mind a York peppermint patty. So let the day pick-me-up begin; with Diffuse Fresh Mint.

TOP NOTES: Fresh, Sharp Mint

MIDDLE NOTES: Sugar, Peppermint Patty

BOTTOM NOTES: Sweet Vanilla


Morning Mocha 

Bring the coffee shop home with our Morning Mocha Diffuse oil; this scent embodies the scent of a perfect cup of Mocha. Our 100% natural blending of essential oils is an ideal mixture of chocolate's sweetness with the dark roast scent of a freshly brewed coffee cup. Be prepared to brew up a pot of coffee when friends are over. The intoxicating scent will be sure to have them craving a decadent cup of your best morning joe.

TOP NOTES: Sugar, Sweet Chocolate

MIDDLE NOTES: Cocoa, Rich Honey



Sweet Daydream

Escape into your sweet daydream where anything is possible, and jump headfirst into your alternate world where you are successful, influential, and perhaps even gifted. In this beautiful moment of serene bliss, the exotic aroma of tagetes brings an intense, warm, sweet-herbaceous fruity undertone, reminiscent of green apple. Perfectly combined with the juicy, sweet, pungent smell of pomelo that will be sure to let your mind be creative and become the hero of your lovely daydream.

TOP NOTES: Sharp, Green Apple Blossom

MIDDLE NOTES: Sour, Fruity Citrus

BOTTOM NOTES: Sweet with Hints of Tartness