No Diffuser? No Problem!

The benefits of aromatherapy are becoming more widely recognized by the general public. People use aromatherapy to help them sleep better, relieve stress, and alleviate pain, among other things. Good quality essential oils, like those from Be Young Total Health, are now more widely available. 

One of the most common ways to use essential oils is to use a diffuser to disperse the oil's scent into the air. In addition to the purported health benefits, essential oils often emit a pleasing aroma. You can choose oils based on the benefits or choose oils that have the scent you find most pleasing. 

If you are a newbie when it comes to essential oils, you may be wondering if a diffuser is an absolute necessity. The short answer is no. You do not necessarily have to purchase a diffuser to be able to experience the benefits of aromatherapy. Here are 13 ways for you to diffuse your oils without purchasing special equipment. 


1. Cotton Balls

Most people have cotton balls in their medicine cabinet. They have multiple uses. One of those uses can be diffusing the scent of essential oils. This is probably one of the easiest methods of diffusing your oils without spending money on a specialty diffuser.

With this method, you put a few drops of your favorite oil on a cotton ball. You can then place the cotton ball near a vent or fan to spread the scent. This works to freshen the air in your car too. 


2. Air Filters

You routinely change the air filter in your central unit or furnace. Why not also use that filter to help with your aromatherapy goals? The next time you change your filter, put a few drops of your favorite essential oil onto the new filter. As air circulates through the system, so will the scent. 

There is one downside to this method. If you want the scent to continue to emanate throughout your home, you will have to reapply the oils to the filter. Once every three days or so, you will need to remember to take the filter out and add a few more drops of the oil. 


3. The Dryer

The next time you do laundry, skip the pre-made dryer sheets. To leave your clothes smelling fresh, try using a pleasant scented essential oil instead. You can put a few drops of your favorite scent on a dryer ball or washcloth and toss it into the dryer with your laundry. 

This method will also help your laundry area smell fresh. The heat from the dryer will cause the scent from your essential oil to penetrate the area around the dryer too. 


4. Wooden Clothespins

You have likely seen the vent clip style air fresheners available to purchase for your car. Why not create your own? Put a few drops of an aromatic oil onto a wooden clothespin and clip it to your car’s vent. 

These wooden clothespin diffusers can also be used in your closet. After you have scented the clothespins, use them to attach pants or skirts to hangers before placing them in the closet. Your entire closet will smell fresher. 


5. Toilet Paper Rolls

The bathroom is the perfect place to use essential oils. It is super simple to add freshness to this room. The next time you change your toilet paper roll, take a few seconds to spray the middle of the tube with your favorite oil. 

If you choose to try this method, you could choose something that reminds you of cleanliness. Many cleaners have a pine or citrus scent, so those could be good choices in the bathroom. Every time someone pulls paper from the roll, the scent will be dispersed into the room. 


6. Homemade Air Fresheners

Sometimes you need a good old-fashioned spray air freshener. When that is true for you, why not skip the unnecessary chemicals and make your own? It is a simple process, and you benefit from the fresh scent and the health effects of your chosen oil.

To make your own air freshener, you combine your favorite oil or oil blend in a spray bottle with either alcohol or witch hazel. Then you finish filling the bottle with water. Attach your spray nozzle, and you are good to start freshening any room in the house.  You can even use an empty essential oil bottle for this application by combining the oil bottle ingredients and adding a spray nozzle to fit. 


7.On Your Pillows

Lavender, in particular, is said to be a relaxing scent. As such, it is often recommended for people who have difficulty falling asleep. You might choose lavender or another relaxing scent to place on, or beneath, your pillows to help you achieve a more restful night of sleep. 

There are multiple ways to get the scent on your pillow. One is to put the oil directly on the pillow and let it dry thoroughly before you lie on it. Another is to place the scent you want onto a hand towel or washcloth and place it either inside your pillowcase or beneath your pillow. 


8. In the Bath

There are few things more relaxing than a long, hot bath after a long day. To add to the calming, relaxing vibe, you might consider adding essential oils to your routine. This method does get some of the oil on your skin, so you should be aware of that side effect if you are concerned about topical applications. 

The simplest way to add essential oils to your bath routine is to put a few drops directly into the water. Alternatively, you can make your own bath salts by combining Epsom salts with your favorite scented oil. You might even try making your own bath bombs.


9. As Homemade Potpourri

The aroma is the key feature of aromatherapy. You want to smell the scents that provide the benefits. One way to do that is to create your own potpourri. 

For homemade potpourri, you use dried flowers, sticks, or leaves and combine them with your favorite essential oil or oil blend. You can then place the mixture into a pretty drawstring bag or in a pretty bowl for display. Every few days, add a few more drops of your oil or oil blend to keep the scent fresh. 


10. Pinecones or Cedar Chips

Even simpler than making potpourri is creating a homemade diffuser from a pinecone or cedar chips. You can purchase these from a store or collect them from your yard. 

Put a few drops of oil or an oil blend on your pinecones or cedar chips, and then place them strategically around your home. They make attractive decor as well as providing a pleasing scent in a variety of locations. To make sure the scent lasts, you add a few more drops of oil to your decorative natural elements every few days. 


11. Straight from the Bottle

The simplest way to take advantage of essential oils' aromatherapy benefits is to smell the scent directly from the bottle simply. This method is so obvious it is often overlooked. What could be more simple than removing the lid of the essential oil bottle?

There is a little bit of a technique to partaking in the scent directly to really reap the benefits. You want to breathe deeply to inhale the scent of the oil. Then, hold your breath for a second and repeat the process. To enjoy a blend, you inhale scents from multiple bottles at the same time. 


12. On the Stove

If you want to reap the benefits of aromatherapy in your kitchen, you can use your stove. This method is easy and uses items you already have on hand. You will need a pot, water, and essential oils.

To use this method, begin by placing your pot on the stove. Fill the pot part of the way with water, then add a few essential oil drops. Heat the water, and reap the benefits. Be careful not to boil the water. It just needs to create steam.


13. With Your Hands

Some oils work well as topical ointments. These oils can be rubbed onto various areas of your body to help alleviate aches and pains. 

You can also choose to place an essential oil or blend of oils in your hands and use your hands as a kind of diffuser. With the oil in your hands, rub them together. Then cup them beneath your nose and inhale deeply. 


Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned pro, you can find enjoyment and benefit from the use of essential oils without purchasing and using a diffuser. You can make your own diffusers from materials you already have available to you. With a little thought and creativity, you can benefit from aromatherapy in virtually any space in your home.