Our emotional health is an area no one can afford to ignore. While it may take a backseat to our physical health, it shouldn't. It requires intentionality to be healthy emotionally, and it's something you can work on every day. 

Here are five things you can work on each day to improve your emotional wellbeing: 

Notice your emotions and reactions. Thoughts come before feelings, so notice what thoughts you're having before your big feelings. Change your thoughts, and you may be able to change your reaction and mood. 

Express your feelings. Don't hold them in. Each feeling has an energy attached to it, and can get stuck in your body. Do what you can to complete the "stress cycle" by crying, laughing, exercising, taking deep breaths, or getting a big hug. Once those feelings come out, you're able to move forward. 

Manage stress. This is related to the one above. Learn relaxation methods to cope with stress. This should be a daily ritual. 

Look for balance. Life is all about balance. It's not always easy, but try to find a balance between work, rest, play, and movement. Our bodies and brains need all of these things, every day, to maintain balance. 

Take care of your physical health. Your emotional health is directly linked to your physical health. Drink enough water, get enough sleep, fuel your body with whole foods, and avoid drugs and smoking. 

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